Trinity Rae, Why Is The Camera On?

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Trinity Rae is a shy type girl that don’t want a camera turn on when she’s doing a sexy fucked with her boyfriend. Once the red light of camera wasn’t on you will notice how naughty trinity rae is. She likes a deep throat blowjob and those petite body makes her more interesting. She’s a hottie that don’t want to stop until a good orgasm is not happening!

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Adriana Lynn Dad’s Not Home But You Can Fuck Me Instead

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Bruno from Exxxtra Small arrive to the house of Mr. Steve his friend to drop some documents for there work. But the lucky guy meet adriana lynn the daughter of his friend steve. He notice the girl is pretty and petite and lovely to put a ride on his big dick.

Adriana is bothering a lot because she don’t want to get caught by her father having conversation with a naughty guy that all wants is her pussy. But in case to stay away when bruno show his big dick adriana get stares on it and she’s dreaming of blowing those big cock on her mouth and pussy.

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Liv Aguilera Lil Nerdy Teen Gets Boned

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The guys at Exxxtra Small find the tiniest babes out there, fuck them, film them, and then fuck them again! This time, it was Liv Aguilera who showed up to have her small body stuck with a huge cock. This Latina babe has smooth, creamy skin with a trimmed pussy and lovely natural tits. Her super-petite body made fucking her tiny pussy a real pleasure.

With a tiny body like Liv has, comes a tiny, tight pussy. It’s like fucking a virgin every time you stick your dick inside. That’s just one of the benefits! Add in flexibility and the ability to pick babes like Liv up and fuck them in mid-air, and you have the reasons everyone loves a tiny fuck partner! Watch Liv get nailed hardcore and scream out from a powerful orgasm!

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Coco Valentina Quit Taping This

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Sometimes, friends can be a little too comfortable around each other. That’s what caused Coco Valentina to get filmed while fucking her boyfriend. A friend of the couple just sat on the couch and watched Coco getting her small body fucked, and if that was not bad enough, he actually got out his camcorder and filmed it at Exxxtra Small.

It may not be healthy for the friendship, but I’m damn glad it happened so I could watch a petite babe like Coco, and her tiny frame, take a big cock and a nice pussy pounding. I hope their friend comes over more often with a camcorder! There’s nothing like seeing a small pussy take a big creamy pie!

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Aurora Monroe Clean Everything

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The Exxxtra Small website’s mansion was in need of a maid to clean up after wild porn shoots. They hired Aurora Monroe to do the job because she has a tiny body that they just love. Unfortunately, her height was a little too small! She could not even reach the cabinets to do any cleaning.

Here they were, with a hot petite babe, dressed in a sexy French maid’s uniform, and she could not do any housework. That’s when the light bulb turned on for one of the guys! Why not just fuck her?They fired her from the maid’s job and instantly hired her to get her very small body fucked by a big, thick cock! Aurora was now cleaning up cum instead of garbage!

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Elaina Raye Tiniest Of Them All

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As Elaina Raye grew up, she was always incredibly small for her age. It made her shy, and reserved. Even though this very sexy blonde has what looks to be a perfect face, and a desirable body, she still lacks confidence, even now at 18! Luckily, the guys over at Exxxtra Small had a plan to help her out.

The plan you ask? To get this hottie with an extra small frame fucked, and fucked hard! Then, she would see that not only do men find her small figure extremely attractive, but that it can handle a rough fuck from a porn pro! Watch this petite blonde get her tiny pussy stretched!

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Sara Luvvv Im Tired Of Being Cute

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Sara Luvvv is tired of always being thought of as a cute tiny girl. She wants to show her girlfriend, that she finds attractive and more than a friend, how naughty and full-grown she can truly be. The small babe, with an Extra Small frame, is going to seduce Mackenzie Pierce, a full-figured, busty, tall goddess!

Even though Sara’s head only comes up to Mackenzie’s breasts, her sexual lust is much bigger! She attacks the tall babe with passionate kisses, aggressive fondling, and a tongue that licks over Mackenzie’s entire body. Sara Luvvv shows just how huge her sexual appetite is when she goes down on Mackenzie and thoroughly eats her smooth pussy!

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Tinslee Reagan Tag Tiny Tinslee

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Tiny, cute blonde babes like Tinslee Reagan are the best fucks! They are so much better than normal sized women. Because Tinslee is Extra Small, she can be picked up, tossed around, and fucked in ways that a normal babe could never even imagine.

The tattoos show some of Tinslee’s wild personality, but her flexibility and the sexual positions she’s willing to put herself into really show just how thrilling she can be. She can place her ankles behind her head, bounce on a dick while being held in the air, and even perform a 69 while being held off the ground. Watch this tiny girl take an amazing fucking right now!

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